A Star Is Born

Ally is a waitress during the day and performs as a singer on Friday evening, during the appointment of the local pub. That’s where he meets Jackson Maine for the first time, rock star, passing through a gin supply. And since in Jack’s life a super alcohol leads the other, from the youngest age, the two continue the evening together and Ally finds herself punching a big man twice her, guilty of having behaved like a harassing fan. The rest of the story we know her: her story begins when he invites her on stage, revealing his talent to the world, then it will be with his hands that will climb the charts, while his career and physical and psychological stamina roll in the opposite direction, following a now unstoppable china.
The same story, which in the words of the character of Maine, and in the version of Bradley Cooper, the third remake of one of the most famous and successful melodramas in the history of cinema, takes the figurative image of the twelve notes that separate an octave from the other: the same dozen, which can however produce a very different sound depending on how you look at it.
In short, Cooper mixes words with music and cinema, in the name of the show. The era of naivety exhibited by Judy Garland and the theatrical expressiveness of James Mason has passed away (of which there is only a joke of dialogue), far from the seventies spirit of the second remake, with Kristofferson and Streisand (quoted in the scene) of the fake eyebrow and, in some ways, with the existence of a ranch), the version of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is more interesting for the way it further disrupts the gender cards of the characters and reads the emptiness of the present rather that for the cinematic result, decidedly modest.
Proceeding initially in the opposite direction, the new born star is undressed the actress protagonist of the many disguises that have launched her career out of fiction, to offer her a real virginity of image, which corresponds to the debut in the field of cinema. Always faithful to the love for her Jackson, and therefore faithful to the story of the character through the movies, Lady Gaga’s Ally is at some point accused by her partner, with concern and affection, of losing loyalty to herself.

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