After Life

The story of Tony, a man with a life too perfect. After the sudden death of his wife, Tony changes and decides to continue living challenging the world, saying and doing everything that comes into his head. He is convinced that not caring about himself or others is a kind of superpower, but it is difficult to practice for those who try to help the good person they remember.
These are people who have the wrong death certificate, and the deacon has to solve this problem.
Ann left a disastrous dinner with her boyfriend, then had an accident on a rainy night and died. She is alive, however, as can be clearly seen. Besides, if he’s so sure he’s dead, why does he easily close the door from the outside whenever he leaves the room?
“After.Life” is a strange movie that does not make it clear whether Anna is dead or alive. Well, not in life in the traditional sense, but in life in some sort of middle between life and death. Her body is probably dead. She has no pulse and we assume that her blood has been replaced with embalming fluid. However, she resists, she can stand and move. Boy Jack (Chandler Canterbury) sees her through a window.
Jack tells his friend Paul. He thinks. He had a great difficulty in accepting his death. He still has the engagement ring he intended to offer that night. Try to enter the funeral home.
“After.Life” is a horror movie involving the familiar theme of being alive when the world thinks you’re dead.

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