Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

In Ben Affleck’s vision there is no amount of money that could justify a mediocre version of Batman. Entered into the DC by Zack Snyder of weight, from head to toe, from body to brain, from interpretation to creation, Affleck was the protagonist of Batman v Superman where he starred as Bruce Wayne and then appeared in Suicide Squad and will do it in Justice League, before reaching the heart of everything, the end of this long takeoff platform: The Batman.
A hero who does not resemble his predecessors
It will be the first movie dedicated to Batman after treatment-Nolan, a loving trilogy and capable of rewriting a lot of how to make a superhero movie. According to Tim Burton, in the pantheon of the authors who worked with the character, Nolan projects a very long shadow Affleck is aware of. That’s why writing the script has not gone for anything, indeed, and for this reason the film was thought to be the signature of never before done. Never-to-be-missed, unprecedented villains, and a new and unique tone as loyal as ever.
The Batman will take on the Arkham Asylum, the criminal asylum in the center of most of the mythology of comic stories but still in the cinema. The film will also be the first to paint a Batman detective, another fundamental feature that cinema has practically never really faced. Like a yellow or a thriller, the film should be the protagonist in front of a big mystery to be solved.
An antagonist ever seen at the cinema
Another novelty will be the villain. No Joker, Penguin, Enigmist, Scarecrow or Bane, none of those already seen but Deathstroke, loved by Affleck and in his vision one of the few at the height of Bat Man. Like all American cartoon characters Batman has in fact lived in different seasons (from the 1930s to the present), different stages and in the hands of different writers and designers was in all respects different. Cinema goes to weddings with this mutilation and this multiplicity of sources inspired by the ever-newer iterations of the same characters (which in the meantime are also played by different actors). And if Nolan was clearly from the parts of Frank Miller, it is still unclear what the director of The Batman will do.
Ben Affleck is the protagonist producer and actor
In line with the trend of great productions, Marvel and DC are again an American author to take the creative reins of the project, which will be supervised by Snyder, executive producer (if not director) of the film version of that universe. For a long time Ben Affleck has been announced as the director of the film but at one point the man who has successfully directed Argo or The Town has given up being involved in the project as a protagonist producer and actor.
Scheduled for the spring of 2018, the film will have a long workout and will obviously be very well linked to the great story that Batman v Superman began to introduce, Wayne’s as a great maneuverer for metaumans. They search for them, find them, fight them or ask them to join forces to create a team capable of fighting new threats that infest the world.

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