Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget is leaner, more professional, more self-confident and especially older, when off in his pajamas, alone at home, the candle of his forty-third birthday. The Miranda girlfriend drags then in a weekend of music, alcohol and casual sex programmatic, where Bridget comes across, so his romantic way, nell’aitante Jack. The weekend after, however, it was the turn of Mark Darcy, never forgotten, and now cross the path of another divorce, ready to flash back. That’s how Bridget Jones finds himself happily pregnant, with no certainty with respect to who might be the father: Jack or Mark? Each in their own way, the two men accompanying the clumsy towards the end of pregnancy and the mysterious response.
It is not a comparison based on the merits of any kind, it is rather a statement of fact: after all, the operation “Bridget Jones twelve years” after it is not dissimilar to the way in which it was completed, the recent return of ” Star Wars. ” In both cases, the authors must have thought or understood that a perfect formula is not corrected: it replicates. The elapsed time between then and now, the universe of film as well as in the real one, extrafinzionale, can only add a positive contribution, as did the riotous nostalgic because of supervening irony.
Here then return the blunders of the protagonist, the funny faces, the attitude a bit ‘masochistic. Above all, here go the triangle: Patrick Dempsey not only takes the place that belonged to Hugh Grant in the duel (the genesis of the characters of Helen Fielding drew, remember, to Jane Austen’s masterpiece) with Colin Firth, but it also takes the attitude the vanity and the lie told at the right time, able to turn the tide of competition. This time, however, the rivalry is well disguised, and even forced to go through collaboration, and I jump out of the fine.
Also returning are certain clothing items, to rip your heart to those who have the chronological age to remember their first appearance as if it were yesterday, and the gradient of the commitment because he works on the Darcy lawyer, who in his own way to do with the film’s plot and is never pure pretext. Indeed, one of the most beautiful scenes of this chapter is probably the race against traffic Bridget hospital, while the feminist march in the opposite direction: we are still talking of a heroine of yesteryear, who dreams the church wedding and a son at all costs. It is right to repeat, so you can refer to loving “as is.”
The weak weak ending, the eternal return and some slip (literally) out of time, difficult to ensure this third film the place in memory that has reached the first, even though this chapter has its memorable characters (the gynecologist Emma Thompson, the new boss Kate O’Flynn, with his young assistants from the “ironic beards”) and a number of situations before which is really impossible to remain serious.

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