Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie

George and Harold are inseparable friends, whose affinity is based above all on the strong sense of humor. Together they realize the comic comics of Captain Mutanda, which, like their many jokes, are completely invisible to the principal Knupp, who bears only their pusillanimous classmate Malvin. The two men, threatened to be divided into separate classrooms, end up hypnotizing him and convincing him that they are … Captain Pantanda! However, the newfound joy will have short legs due to the arrival of a new teacher: Professor P., determined to eliminate laughter from the world.
Laughter as a form of resistance and resistance through laughter are the childish themes of a fanciful animated film suitable for even the smallest, who despite the title can avoid the most scatological humor and instead play on the slapstick and the variety of animation techniques used.
Directed by David Soren, former director of Turbo, Capitan Mutanda is the transposition of a homonymous series of books for children signed by the American Dav Pikey. To convince him to give up the rights, DreamWorks invited him to a visit of his studies, making him find all the employees with their underwear over their trousers. A bit ‘as he wants the classic Superman costume and in fact the idea of ​​Captain Mutanda is born from the fact that the superheroes seem to go around in slip, so the two bad boys invent one that does not wear anything else. The headmaster who can not stand their cheerfulness and their jokes, will then find out to be a terribly lonely man, who lives in a house where they are sad (I do not know cheerios) even breakfast cereals. His transformation into Captain Mutanda threatens to put him in danger and George and Harold are his guardians, and they help him to woo the school’s cook, who is madly in love with him.
Professor P. instead has a surname so ridiculous that he has been mocked all his life, even in the most serious and academic situations such as the awarding of the Nobel Prize. Therefore his contempt for humor is irredeemable and Harold and George are his sworn enemies. Between giant toilets, the launch of endless underpants and school surpluses that become toxic waste, there is something to do with and without running into the scatological, in fact the only comic scene based on peti uses bags that simulate the noise. For the rest are enough underwear perpetually on stage to lower the level and make people laugh simpler, while the sense of humor of the film is stratified by relying on nonsense, slapstick and verbal games.

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