Just when he decided to lose his virginity with the fiery boyfriend TJ, seventeen-year-old Sasha is suffering from a serious heart attack. Emergency delivery to the hospital is subjected to a heart transplant. When she has recovered and tries to recover a normal life, Uncle Frank, with whom he lives and works for his aquarium and tropical fish shop, introduces him to Ben Lefevre, Becky’s father, the donor girl. If Sasha and Frank live with more than a few economic problems in a very popular environment, Ben and his wife Nancy are very rich and offer Sasha a scholarship in memory of Becky in a renowned institute. Although fought, Sasha accepts and finds herself in a whole new world. But the girl also begins to have strange visions and perceptions. Try to learn more about Becky starting from the true cause of death, shrouded in mystery. And the more you discover, the more you need to know in a sinister and ambiguous development.

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