Father Figures

The twin brothers Kyle and Peter are very different. Peter is a very boring proctologist in mid-life crisis, separated from his wife and detested by his son. Kyle lives in luxury without doing anything, because his image is finished on the label of a barbeque sauce of great success, is also about to get married and to have a child with a young and sexy woman. Which is why Peter can not stand him, but when at the party for Mum’s new marriage they will find out that she had lied about the identity of their real father, the two will leave together in search of the parent. Convinced of finding it easily in Miami, they will have to retrace the sexual adventures of their casual mother.

“It was the 70s, monogamy was not a priority,” says Glenn Close, giving the story of the film, then falling into an alter ego of the mother played by Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia !, only here in place of a daughter in bloom there are two mature and quarrelsome twins.

Is it a sufficient variant to build a film around us? All in all no, in fact, 2 great children of … had a laborious realization and was postponed and partly turned over after the screening tests, complete with a replacement of Bill Irwin in favor of Christopher Walken. Nonetheless, he failed to break through the public and the American critics. So much so that in Italy it came as a technical output, already intended for TV or home video, which is basically its most natural location.

Ed Helms and Owen Wilson seem to be cast according to the most total typecasting, so the first is the man from the too regular life that will have to learn to melt and the second is a hippie medium often smoked that ends up recognizing having responsibilities. Even Glenn Close in the role of vice-Meryl Streep is certainly not an original choice and therefore the film starts with the most obvious premise. To aggravate the problem there are the almost two hours of duration, which only the best comedies can stand and 2 great children of … it is certainly not among these.

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