Fifty Shades Darker

Christian and Anastasia, lovers who excited, wrongly or rightly, readers and viewers around the world, back in the first images taken by James Foley. The highly anticipated sequel of the erotic-romantic saga of E. L. James reveals itself modestly in a short teaser sulphurous changing director (and register) and promises a more frontal and languid eroticism. Filmed in Vancouver and Paris, Fifty Shades Darker casts shadows from the title on the feelings and sex. Dakota Johnson, candida but easily corruptible Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan, the executioner charming Christian Grey, confirmed the role and character of their characters who are not slow to meet and to re-ignite passionate kisses as evidenced by the numerous photos of the set. But the new episode will not be without drama. The danger this time comes from the outside and the two lovers will have to contend with the new head of Anastasia, determined to seduce her, and an old and unstable flame of Christian, which adds thriller accents to the saga. To fan the flames even thinks Kim Basinger, expert of domination that began Christian Grey teenager practices of BDSM. Weaned by the music of Joe Cocker and by the look of Mickey Rourke (9 and a half weeks), Kim Basinger is another formidable and very blond rival Anastasia. The numerous obstacles placed along the path of lovers will naturally overcome with blows of love, a love that bares their feeling and fully naked Jamie Dornan, discovered in the British series “The Fall – the serial killer Hunting,” in which he plays a murderess unperturbed and hence the fine inert countenance. The news is not confirmed but the British actor, in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”, winks Room and insinuated the possibility. Scripted and contract. And were we to the contract, a contract disregarded because Anastasia dissolved obligations and bondage straps. But how can you resist a man who gives you multiple orgasms and the first edition of “Tess of the d’Urbervilles”? After the break, Christian returns to ride indomitable, begs a second chance and Anastasia needless to say ‘is allowed’. Including an invitation to dinner and a hot lift ride, a glass of wine and the divine sex, the heroine discovers that something has changed in his prince, is broken. Something that comes from the past.
Revolution of female pleasure?
Since its release in bookstores in 2011, “50 Shades of Grey” has thrilled readers of all ages and inflamed the forum, multiplied the fan club and the screens that translate into images the literary imagination of a British housewife. A record that has (almost) usurped the throne of J.K. Rowling, the mother of “Harry Potter”, and which are questioning avid journalists, critics, philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, sexologists. If most critics consider that the only experience (sado) masochistic in the trilogy EL James is to read pages deathly boring and badly written, another try to understand the phenomenon and read between the shades of gray a symptom, massive, the women’s revolution of pleasure in place. The female orgasm becomes a legitimate subject of scientific studies, personal research and writing, even impossible only twenty years ago. “50 shades of gray” seems to be the physical and ideal place in which women are very (re) found. They find themselves involved in a novel hanging between the romantic quest of man envisioned and the response to the call of their own desires. Entangled in a story that sublimates the old adage, I will save you, just disguised by love physical. The will of depersonalization of the billionaire, the protagonist responds with love and humor, touching the cold-hearted man who reveals less arid than it would have liked to believe. Voilà the novel. Everything else is boredom and soft pornography, psychiatrists and sexologists confirm, it’s interesting to women and better nourished their pleasure more hardcore spread by the network. Duty paid at the end of the nineties from “Sex and the City” and ten years later by “Cougar Town,” popular American series in which the main characters speak without complexes about sex and pleasure toys, female desire explodes in television, film and on the pages of novels. With 50 shades of gray fall the last bastions Puritans and erotic accessories, long relegated to sex shops and intended only to initiates, conquer the general public and popular culture, earning the shelves of the Galeries Lafayette or the Chantal Thomass boutique and Sonia Rykiel. The borders are ‘definitely’ exceeded. What are the consequences? Difficult to assess, but the affirmation of female pleasure and the desire for an erotic compulsively and immodest impacted and overwhelmed the conception of love, transformed intimacy, destabilized the male-female relationship. Unlike Christian, but it is true that the domination of our desire is more a disease than an act of transcendence and freedom, men today seem anxious to express the idea of ​​a sexuality that betray a desire to dominate or aggression. In the thalamus melee, concerned to protect their partners from an ancestral legacy, there has been hesitant and unsure. The women on their part are struggling to understand the male insecurity and fear at the same time their own excesses, revealing only at the time of the dream analysis to be “taken against a wall.” “50 shades of gray” seems to illustrate just that ghost, in the symbol satisfying the readers’ fantasies. In the gap between desire and experimentation is part of the trilogy that James sensed something even escaped the feminist theories. Now, at the first but also the second reading, the porn-harmony of the James box set draws actually a heroine belatedly virgin and began to sex as a ‘prince’ who embodies all of virility symbols (money, power, athletic body, warranty, arrogance and of course sexual art management) against which feminism has always pointing the finger. Please the greek god, that drives her home by helicopter, is all I want to Anastasia, who turns out to want. A revelation. A revelation that responds to a strong need and a desire to transgress security ”. “50 shades of gray” shows the end how much the old contract between a woman who is bringing a sexual availability and an emotional life and a man who gives in exchange erotic initiation and safety, even seduce women.Like it or not, you read it or not, you look at it or not, 50 shades of gray has contradicted trivially but honestly feminism and preached sexual freedom, that has certainly not built a new ethic. The extreme individual freedom has lost his way the strong value of the feeling and commitment, exploiting the other as an object of pleasure and not as a subject. And by treating the other as a means and not an end, we became “bitches like a man.” So he reproached and we sang years ago Roberto Vecchioni. Waiting to invent a new art of love for these complicated times and waiting even a nobler formalization, more noble literary, it has to see that the practice of sexual desire is always a question of power of one over the other and vice versa . Women have never ceased to measure their power on that foul that haunts, playing with the idea of ​​being taken, forced, forced, offers human ghosts and downloading on the man responsible for what this reveals. The men insist on a veto on the desire and the female pleasure judged overflowing and thus to contain, frame, dominate.
The power of color immodest
Clearly, 50 shades of gray did not roar readers of “Histoire d’O” or even less thrilled the followers but Sade is not really them who thought the author when he put his hand and handcuffs on his novel. The intrigue? The sexual submission which lends Anastasia Steele, a virgin literature student who succumbs to the charm of the billionaire Christian Grey, refined esthete, an excellent pianist, a helicopter pilot who never forgets to give away a sack of rice to Darfur. With him, Anastasia knows the first orgasms, and the first pleasures of love. Rather, she enjoys every time he touches it. So the Christian is sign a contract and signing vowing to love her with a whip and tie in his secret garden. A red room in which Mr. Grey puts into practice his authoritarian inclinations. The result? 63 million copies sold worldwide, the book has been translated into fifty languages, and a movie trilogy that seems to betray the ‘erotic assumptions’ novels and contradict the nuances of the title. Because the color is always a shameless force. There’s nothing less erotic instead of the harmonies produced today by the ideology of the general color balance that tends to stifle the singularity of colors. Sam Taylor-Johnson translates this tendency to monotony which corresponds to the plate and bloodless feeling of his erotic blockbuster. Adaptation that cancels gradually shades and kills the true love. And to think that 50 shades of gray begins (well) on his face reddened by Dakota Johnson, excited ahead of his billionaire Prince but then ends up off that emotion and that blush on leather sofas crimson on which Anastasia gets tied. 50 shades of gray might otherwise be summarized as the story of a young virgin who stops blush accepting a contract, a sexual negotiation which paradoxically establishes an anti-erotic logic. The incarnation of his emotions is homologous and confuses behind a red mist that prevents us from seeing if the apprentice dominated become deep purple and inflamed. Translation by Sam Taylor-Johnson inhibits the color movement between the bodies betraying a fear of color and its erotic power. With the porn industry, its neutral lights and its obsession with over-exposed skin, the eroticism of mainstream British filmmaker shares a kind of chromophobia, which evades the transgression of color. One that threatens to overflow the bodies and exceed the faces making moment of unexpected eroticism. Exactly. In Black by James Foley trust then finally we are finding that expression of colors that become erotic expression, the saturation that only turns on and perfects the staging of desire.

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