Finding Dory

Dory, pesciolina surgeon amnesic, swims a quiet life in the company of Marlin and Nemo, lost and found a year earlier. A random circumstance emerges suddenly in the mind of Dory the memory of a lost childhood and family. Determined to find himself and to regain his past, Dory puts the current with Marlin and Nemo and launches in search of his parents. Inseparable and united, the three friends crossing the ocean and land in California. But on arrival things get complicated, Dory ends quarantined Oceanographic Institute, where he met Hank, camouflage octopus who hates children and looking for a pass to Cleveland, Marlin and Nemo fall into a bucket ‘moved’ by Becky, loon plucked adopting them and ‘hatching’ as if they were birds. Striking a fin and power, our reach their goal in the company of a short-sighted and a beluga whale shark convinced of the failings of his ecolocalizzatore.
All the world remembers Dory, irresistible character in search of Nemo. All but Dory, lovable blue goldfish suffering from a short term memory disorder. inexhaustible source of gags in the ocean Pixar in 2003, his amnesia becomes the center of a story about disability and the way to live with the limitations it imposes. But Dory grows to reciprocity, the mutual exchange of experience with a beluga hit by a psychosomatic block, a shark whale suffering from myopia and a sea bird vaguely stupid, that put their resources at the service of their small community of “fish out “(water).
By reversing the roles, in this round of the current clown fish recite ‘reinforcements’, Finding Dory pursues the spirit of the picaresque swimming title in the world of Dory deformed amnesia. Hit by a fleeting image of childhood, the ex comedy sidekick launches in search of his memories, conjuring with the action oblivion. In the journey that separates Institute Organic Marino filled with attractions and reminiscences, Dory may not only not finding what you look for but even to get lost. What the protagonist is sometimes forgets a game, some other a tragic boost, most of all, a dramatic device.
The scenes are disconnected from each other, isolated in their temporal bubble. And it is precisely this volatile memory and fluctuating as the tide to make the Andrew Stanton film a new (and bigger) conceptual Pixar. Closer to Inside Out that Finding Nemo, despite the title, Finding Dory Dory takes place symbolically in the head, a head to ‘tidy up’. The viewer does not sail in the immensity of the ocean, but in his playful and pedagogical projection borrowed directly from the emotional theme park of Riley, the heroine of Inside Out.
Adventure more intimate but no less troubled, Finding Dory has not the audacity of the film that preceded it, which even allows the abstraction, nevertheless reiterates Pixar and pursues an ambition melodramatic and theoretical, pushing further away the ‘ entertainment (mental). Suspended between vein familist and Loathing mnemonic, between entertainment and emotion, Finding Dory conceived in multiple flashbacks child version (and honeydew) of Dory, which parents raise the tender respecting its difference. Heroin without memory, immersed in a water park and within a story conceived as an obstacle course, Dory reveals a formidable aptitude for this, initiative and teamwork, bypassing its diversity and finding another way to swim in ‘ ocean of life.
Bestiary bizarre and overwhelming put ‘on the water’ from Pixar we fish on all Hank, the chameleon octopus, Gerard, the sea lion allocca, Becky, and plucked the bird geezer and anonymous sentimental oyster with a surplus of memory, tears and words he has never forgotten his Scallop. Next to the accredited band Nemo, sea creatures Pixar follow the ocean currents and lead us off ‘boarding’ the notion of solidarity and acceptance and touching the bottom. Of the heart.

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