Giant Little Ones

The boys in this shrouded bedroom are high school’s best friends, Franky and Ballas. Ballas is the most daring of the two-a little nicer, a little more smashing and perhaps more sexually experienced. Although Ballas is a heterosexual ace, on Franky’s birthday night, he gives Franky oral sex in the dark. Franky talks and Ballas runs.
This act of experimentation has a significant impact. In the cold light of day, Franky and Ballas light each other up. Ballas spreads the rumor that Franky initiated his meeting, and Franky is left to take care of himself.
“Giant Little Ones” features strong performances, especially from Kyle MacLachlan, as Frank’s gay father. Keith Behrman, brightens up and films his characters, who talk in a refreshing dialogue . But when the plot is fixed to the suburban Bustle.

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