Gods Of Egypt

When Osiris, the god who watches over the people of the Nile, decides to leave the kingdom to his son Horus, brother September usurps the throne by force, killing the father and blinding the rightful heir. Escaping the cruel rule of Set, a mortal, the Bek thief, looking the jail to free the god Horus, and thus free his beloved and the people of Egypt.
Unfortunately sometimes it bets almost certain, those predictions so armored that it is almost pleasant to see dismantled, prove dramatically justified. On the success of the Gods of Egypt, as we approached the release date of the film, he did not point any more. First of Lionsgate, which has drastically slowed down the media campaign after dire predictions on receipts from the first weekend and after that the only reason to care about the film is the result of Twitter lynching in the so-called name of “whitewashing”. Even from the early hype has in fact jumped to the eye as complexion and accent of the cast, and Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in particular, is expected to allontanassero how the ancient Egyptians: and the justification that they are gods and not merely human sounds if possible, even more racist and unsustainable.
But it is the spirit in which no connection to the actual Egyptian mythology, no inclination to hide behind any ridiculous overcharged shot of CGI or a scenography was conceived the entire operation Gods of Egypt to be characterized by this ruthlessness: the beyond kitsch. Up to conceive the god Ra with the features of Geoffrey Rush, on some sort of spaceship and perpetually intent on defying a black demon who wants to devour the world. The problem is that the fact of not taking (too) seriously is not sufficient to justify the presence in the room of a blockbuster failure, designed to not have an audience. Find the style fantasy throne of swords is too demanding in terms of iconic characters and intrigues that take advantage of the magic, while those who love contemporary peplum, the son of 300 hangover, will rise from the chair to the first and awkward transformation of Gods creatures in between robotic and animalistic. The quality of post-production is so poor as to make indistinguishable (or simply blurred?) Many details of computer graphics, especially considered a budget of 140 million dollars, badly exploited. Not being either pushed by necessity or by economic interests that often accompany an adaptation or a remake, it remains to understand what was intended Gods of Egypt, since it lacks the iconoclasm of parody and comedy of the film element is totally involuntary. Alex Proyas, linked in the past to the works of cult of the nineties as the crow or Dark City, a slip almost incurable, with a work whose imperishable memory is relegated to the annals of trash, including an Ed Wood and Mystery Science Theater 3000 .

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