Golden Exits

One made by Alex Ross Perry is a hipster costume drama. Interiors, clothes and many objects are straight from the 90s, even from analogue revival and clothes 90 years, and if it were not for some details (the parked cars, the model of one of the protagonists glasses, flat panels ) you could really think that everything is set 20 years ago to as rebuilds and garments each actor or actress with the New Yorker Woody Allen mood of the era.
But then Allen’s dramas are a reference point for all Golden Exits, for his seriousness, for the centrality of dialogue for how subtly affirms the impossibility of maintaining stable relationships, whether romantic or family who simply human . Oscillating between workplaces, living rooms, archives and walks the street, what little daily quarrels of the protagonists are just the difficulty if not the inability to manage relationships.
Naomi, the young and sensual alien, is the person deputed to break up any structure, to bring a bit ‘of life existences killed by the routine, and yet this does not happen. Its mission as a character fails and the film seems to stage the non-implementation of the classic and predictable parables, whenever those who come into contact with her, though tempted, refuses to get carried away.

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