Nobby Butcher is a football fanatic and ignorant Big Belly suburban proletarian English. Liam Gallagher has sideburns, nine children conceived by who knows who, and the myth of his brother Sebastian, who has not seen in over twenty years. When he hears voice that could be among the guests of a major conference, Nobby s’imbuca in a world that does not belong and surprises his brother even as these, secret agent, is about to stop an attack. Sebastien wrong target, blasting the cover, and the two brothers find themselves on the run, again united in fate, hunted by an assassin of MI6 and persecuted by the endless – and sometimes stupidity provvidenziale- Nobby.
Sasha Baron Cohen returns to the cinema with a character in and of itself not as memorable as Borat, but used properly the frame in which it is stuck. The context “spy” on the one hand and the socially disadvantaged, who apparently came from the years of Thatcher, on the other hand, allow him to split in two, in a bold, even the tone of the film: reserving the zany to the first aspect and building for the story of two brothers, a wrenching backstory: the synthesis will come last in a final literally crackling that intersects the covenant of love between the brothers with the apotheosis of the narrative line tied to the misadventures of Nobby anal orifice, which punctuates the film.
The project is less consistent and less politically irreverent other, except for the choice of putting a couple of times at the center of the target Donald Trump, which these days is worth double, but it remains an isolated case, which is mixed with sneers all English to Daniel Radcliffe and, basically, it may seem as easy as shooting on the Red Cross or the baby Israeli-Palestinian paraplegic. To understand even better: Grimsby is not a film that will be remembered for the stings of his satire, nor is it a real action movie, despite Leterrier and despite probably the credibility of this plan should figure, however, between the best of intentions: it is only a movie that makes you laugh a lot for idiotic reasons. This makes it a stupid movie tout court? In part, yes, but also an art that requires (or at least a job) and not us moan over some few laughs too. In its own way, then, Sasha Baron Cohen’s jokes also with institutions: those of all domestic football and James Bond.
The provoked laughter are fat, such as Nobby belly, like the disgust that causes the scene of the elephants: Grimsby is a funny thing you will not do it again.

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