Guava Island

“Guava Island” tells how land was once destined to be without love and war, before being colonized essentially by factories by a company called Red Cargo. Stephen Glover’s screenplay then takes place on a typical Saturday night for Deni and Kofi’s girlfriend. It’s a day of work, where Kofi is among the fabric sewing fabric with other women like Yara. Then he came out of there – with a guitar passing among the crowds, asking people about the festival he had planned, which everyone on the island is waiting for.
He soon gets to his main job. When another colleague talks about moving to America, where things are supposed to be different from what happens on the island of Guava, Deni, Gambino and other workers, it emphasizes the wicked nature of the master song. Deni cancels the festival tonight because people in Guava Island are too tired to work on Sundays as they normally do.

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