Happy Death Day

Tree always wakes up on the same day, that of his birthday, and in the same bed, that of Carter, without knowing how it’s over. But at the end of that day Tree dies, due to the stabbing of a maniac wearing a child’s mask. To break the spell Tree must locate and stop the killer.
With a film in which the turning point is accompanied by the notes of Confident by Demi Lovato, to emphasize with emphasis that our heroine has decided to face the enemy on the chest, we must confront following critical canons different from the norm.
It is indeed the deeply pop nature of Greetings for your death to make sense of its existence, as it unveils, or better underlines, the epilogue. Which is addressed to those who do not know, to those who ignore. To new generations, on which too often storytelling exercises a presumption of knowledge of milestones from another era.
A speech that is worth so much for Ricomincio da capo, cult of the late eighties repeatedly cited and honored decades away, on which Greetings for your death declaratively bases its narrative structure, which for Halloween or Friday 13, bases slasher looted countless times ( first by Scream, another title without which the film by Christopher Landon would not exist). In the spirit of Blumhouse productions (Get Out, Split), zibaldoni often genial genre, far beyond the postmodern, Greetings for your death is almost a challenge: does the pattern still work? Will he be able to keep his attention on a plot destined to reserve a few surprises?
The answer is yes, it is undeniable: accomplices a brilliant script and an astonishing interpretation like that of Jessica Rothe, Best wishes for your death accompanies the viewer to the inevitable solution of the mystery (ché in the bottom of whodunit it is, rather than horror or teen comedy). With a splash of a story telling in the style of Mean Girls, since – in line with Ricomincio da capo – the protagonist’s loop is above all a path of inner growth. And if, if you want, the material for analysis and in-depth analysis is not lacking – for example by questioning the meaning of the killer mask and references to the danger of unexpected motherhood – the best approach remains that of mere and carefree entertainment.

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