I Still See You

Veronica Calder is a high school student who every morning sits down to breakfast with her father, goes past her neighbor and, riding her bicycle, passes through the elderly lady who walks the road from one side of the road to the other every day. same point. Veronica, in fact, lives in a world that after the “incident” has been populated with redivivi. Harmless, you think, a kind of holograms. So why are they always more? And why is one of them trying to communicate with her? Ronnie will team up with a silent classmate and a professor to find an answer and save his life.
Sci-fi thriller with decided horror veins, Sei ancora qui was born from a young adult novel by the writer Daniel Waters, entrusted to a director specialized for that target and to an actress who is already a heroine for her reference audience, here in search of legitimation at a potentially wider audience.
The setting is winter and dystopic: the world is upset by a laboratory disaster that took place in 2010 and has altered the border between living and dead, bringing them back to their homes and their habits, even if only for a few minutes . The reference to September 11, at least in the dynamic, is evident, starting from the first scene, set in an elementary school, which recalls the tragically tragic morning in history with President Bush busy reading the story of a little goat in a school of Florida, while in New York two planes were piloting the twin towers.
Here too there is talk of a ground zero, of people throwing themselves from above, of a necessary elaboration of mourning, private and shared, which is not possible to operate, and of a world rewritten in its features, even if film gives way to a more typically thriller turn.

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