There was only one story that Hugh Jackman could play wearing again the role of Wolverine, that of a Logan battered old. There is indeed a certain irony in the actor’s Australian success in the shoes of the only mutant that does not age. He convicted (but is the first to be happy about it) to continue to take it on the screen even when all the other players who have stopped doing that, this time will have at his side only Patrick Stewart first interpreted the X-Men.
In Logan, the third spin-off dedicated to Wolverine, it will be Professor Xavier co-star, the anzianissima shoulder already aged protagonist. The two have always had a special bond, that the new series dedicated to the mutants (the one that sinks in the 60’s with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Xavier) has explored more and that here should be sublimated.
This time Hugh Jackman wanted to make things right. Was in the works for a long time, Logan, was thought to be rated R, that is, persons age 17 years. Which means that not only will contain adult themes but also that blood can abuse and violence, traditionally the number one bogeyman of American censorship. For once it was a deliberate choice on the part of the production and a clear desire to Jackman, who has to make sure of also he agreed to reduce his salary (an R-rated movie necessarily collects less).
Violence is a stretch that cinecomics always avoid, eager to lower their target and sell more tickets. Yet in the long run it is clear that, given the subjects covered, is more than anything a castration. Apparently even he knows Jackman, and Logan for this will have a free hand in showing the blood and brutal world in shambles intending to paint.
The story in fact puts Xavier and Wolverine in 2024, he was among the very few mutants still around. Now retired and out of business for some time, are put together and called to duty by the discovery of the existence of a child with the same characteristic traits of Wolverine: claws and healing factor. Starts here what looks like a road trip in an America devastated and back rural, impoverished and disoriented. A little ‘as the protagonist, who apparently disillusioned by everything, deprived of desire to move forward and hope along with the healing factor. The basic characteristics, from large landscapes to the collapse of the heroic figures, then placed immediately in Logan westerns realm of the last phase, the violent.
As for the inspiration you know that the character of the little girl with the claws is not a novelty, it’s called X-23 and had already appeared in the comic series, but mix it with the scenario that the first trailer showed is an original invention. The world in which they move seems more that of videogame Last of Us, in which a mature man accompanies and protects a child in a land devastated Zombie apocalypse, while the poster refers explicitly to that of Schindler’s List.

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