Luce was born in Eritrea but grew up in a top-class American household by a family of white men. At first it was not easy for this child to adapt to her new life, but Amy and Peter were model parents, patiently guiding Luce through years of therapy, and doing a lot of sacrifices.
Now, thanks to the encouragement of this progressive couple and a community that wants to see him, Luce fulfills the role of captain of the basketball team and seems to be about to become a teacher. Everything goes well until one of Luce’s professors Harriet Wilson finds an illegal fireworks bag.
Choosing to interpret them as a threat, she calls Luce’s adoptive mother. As soon as she returns home, Amy shares the news with her husband, Peter, who has his own problems about the situation – that no one knows their son better than her and that their policy of dealing with him is a trustworthy and respectful one.
Some may wonder whether Mrs. Wilson has exceeded her limits and violated Luce’s private life by doing so.
Mrs. Wilson has a lot of hypothesis about her suspicions about Luce.
It is a familiar situation for anyone who ever had Mrs. Wilson for a teacher. As it turns out, Ms. Wilson did the same thing before confiscating marijuana from an African-American cabinet called DeShaun and took him out of the team.
Most of the boys in the team share the wardrobes of the other – which means that probably the drugs and the fireworks found by Mrs. Wilson were not theirs.

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