Max Steel

Started as action figures in the ’90s, the direct heir of Big Jim in the catalog, Mattel, Max Steel harvest such a success that it caused him to stray in the animation (at least two tv series dedicated to him). Now it’s even a feature-length live action from the story aligned with the reboot of 2013. Max is a boy that moves to a new town with her mother, and there discovers to have powers that have to do with electricity but that is not easy to understand. To help him be a robot, alien, fighting an old friend of his father who mysteriously disappeared, who will become his worst enemy.
The shakespearean tragedy of a son who discovers she is to fight the murderer of his father, and avenged the parent he has never known, and protecting the mother knows the secret, is brought to the screen without any interest for the fun of it. Action movie, science fiction designed for a public preadolescenziale, Max Steel offers spensieratissimo but the entertainment that it offers is the most basic and, unfortunately, is never supported by a technical level.
Very concentrated as it is agreed on the movement, the movement, the heroism and the condition of perpetual unconsciousness of a character adventures, Max Steel (the film) fails to reach the dry speed to which they aspire. They don’t require any rhetoric could have the strength of the film better, which is justified by a potential audience tastes clear, and from the claims obvious, it could be an opportunity to make a movie in a very direct and blunt, instead, burdens himself with the rhetoric and a mounting unjust.
Because much can be forgiven to a work so brazenly and genuinely superficial, but not of the packaging of the action cheesy. Unfortunately the wonderful opportunity to tell a story without the encumbrance of the heaviness that a lot of films most adults have, without the necessity at all costs of a study of all that is not necessarily on the merits, does not leave the film free. Plagued by mounting bad sequences more dynamic, but the same is based on them, Max Steel never fails to communicate the essential in words and the rest with the construction of an adventure is engaging and dynamic.
The cinema for children is not a version that was most of the adult cinema, but a genre in itself, founded on a fun, epidermal, and perhaps for this very film. At least when it is done well.

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