Me Before You

Louisa Clarke was fired after years of work by the owner of the premises where was the waitress. At home his other family members do not fare better, and his contribution was essential. So accept a job offer from a rich family should keep company with Will, the son thirties became quadriplegic after he was hit by a motorcycle. He would want to stay to bask in his pain and the presence of the girl, so clumsy as sensitive and full of good will, it bothers him. It will not always be so even if the young person has in Serbia for her as a surprise.
After Untouchable and the success it has achieved, it has become very difficult to address the issue of the relationship between two very different personalities, one of which is suffering from severe disabilities. We test Thea Sharrock, supported by the success in the enterprise that Jojo Moves novel has had at the readers of many countries. The problem is that the writer is also the author of the script and must have made some effort to cut some situations that probably worked on paper but on the screen make up the predictable romance film that ends up encroaching into the stereotype. Because ‘he’ is nice, is rich (has a private jet), he lives in a castle and combines in itself all the features of Prince Charming in a wheelchair. The awkwardness and the apparel of her functional alleviation of the situation and, at times, it also gives a connotation of realism to the relationship. Especially after Will reveals a surprise (it is suggested to viewers not to be attracted by possible spoiler because it would end with the discovery of a lost item that offers a real opportunity for reflection). If he had had more courage could have been the focus on this element without end up wasting it between flights and exotic scenery. It should also be noted that fans spectators de Game of Thrones will find their Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke laws) also significantly changed from a physical and will be able to recognize another interpreter engaged on this set series.

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