Midnight Sun

Katie is seventeen, loves music and deeply loves her father, parent, educator, friend. Orphan of mother, Katie is suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentoso, a rare genetic pathology that causes hypersensitivity to sunlight. Forced from the cradle to a retired existence and obscured behind special glasses, Katie watches the lives of others and tries to live her with the help of Morgan, the friend of the heart. Beneath his window has always flitted Charlie, the boy with the skate that stole the heart in elementary school. Sitting in the station to sing one of his songs, one night he meets him and falls madly in love with him. Katie would like to escape but love is like the sun, impossible to protect herself.
She is not a Katie vampire but her skin suffers from the extreme photosensitivity of vampires. Vampires also have the lunar pallor and hunger for life embodied by the teenager of Patrick Schwarzenneger, who inherits his high forehead and his (almost) exotic presence from his father.
Son of the prince of bodybuilding, who had sculpted the body to the measure of his dream (American), turning every apparition on the screen into a prodigy, Patrick looks more like the blue prince of fairy tales, of a fable of love stirred in the territory of masculine desire . Inversely, Twilight is Charlie stubbornly desiring a girl to suffer the fascination of a creature who would love to love him but is afraid to kill him. Not in bites but in pain. Because Katie is sick and does not know how many nights she is left to consume her desire, because Katie lives every day as if she were last, because Katie knows where she wants to go but she will never know how many and which variables will hasten to prevent the destination being reached.
Teen-movie sentimental and nocturnal, burdened by an inherited genetic disease that predisposes to the onset of carcinomas, The sun at midnight – Midnight Sun does its job and does it well, exploring the glare of the first love and applying without falling the codes like this: the carefree assembly with kisses under the stars, under the loose hair and full moons, inside lunar baths and against dramatic obstacles that lead back to the hard principle of reality. Directed by Scott Speer, the romantic drama of Katie and Charlie avoids the overdose and the syrupy côté, the traps of misfortune and those of compassion, following a full and fatal sentimental education that wants to live beyond the difficulties encountered or imposed by fate. He has broad shoulders (as a swimmer) and jaw clenched, she a virginal whiteness and a shining sweetness more than the sun that kills her.

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