Monster Trucks

Tripp is a lonely lice who dreams of leaving one day on four wheels away from North Dakota where he lives. The pickup that was built by assembling automotive parts taken in the dump, however, does not have a motor. Meanwhile, in a near oil plant, a perforated blast sparked an explosion and embezzled a monstrous creature that crumpled with black oil and exhibited high intelligence. In the monster, renamed Creech, Tripp will find a true friend and also the engine for his medium and for the adventure he expected to live.
The initial appearance of Rob Lowe, with a lot of over-make-up, leaves no margin for doubt: under the contemporary body, Monster Trucks’s intention is to replicate film for teenagers in the 1980s, a movie out of time , When not traveling in time, where everything was happening on a night or a crazy day off, but dancing was the fate of the world, and the test to deal with to save the universe coincided with a rite of passage Out of childhood, to a world that lost a bit of magic, but of which it would remain in a new love or in memory (of a summer). Chris Wedge’s movie, which comes from a good animation school (The Ice Age, Robots, Epic) and you see, obviously seeks that flavor, but ends up paying more attention to trick than feeling, thus underestimating one of the pillars Carriers of the season they are watching.
In the relationship between Tripp and Creech, it is impossible not to see ET’s memory as well as the ultimate goal of truck racing, to bring the “home” monster, but the space for the growth of their relationship, and to palpiting Of the heart of the film, is reduced to the bone, bent at the need of the maxi-sequence of pick-up “animated” rides by beetle whales. Of course, it is not a fine sequence for itself, because on those dirty curves there are not only the truck trucks but also the idea of ​​family, but always in a more cartoonsque frame that seriously felt.
The fun is light, in short, a bit hasty, though there is, and there are the right faces. You can not say an ecological tale because there is a bit of confusion on that side, but Wedge’s film has to be honored to be brilliantly, almost elegantly balanced over an idea to say the least sock.

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