First of all, it is important that the definition of mope is clear: a mope is a person in the porn industry who operates in the most despicable positions, wanting to assert himself. These include some really degrading things. It is also important to know that this film is based on a true story. Steve Hill of Nathan Stewart-Jarrett-likes to be called Steve Driver – and Tom Dong (Kelly Sry), being a mope . For a while, at least. The two meet at a bukkake movie and become friends .
Thanks to Steve’s intense optimism and Tom’S IT intelligence, the new duo are working as live mops for Eric (Brian Huskey), a disgusting porn producer who runs a studio . The tour of the place by Brian’s assistant (Max Adler) is one of the most important moments of the film. Steve convinces Tom that with the help of his father they can get the money to open their own porn studio.

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