Office Christmas Party

The parent company of a computer company likely to close: the chief executive has decided to put an end to the waste and bad management of his brother. The latter and his employees loyal and faithful just have groped for broke or impossible to close a deal with a big piece of the branch. As? Inviting him to the office Christmas party.
There is a key moment, when you finally the inept head of the firm Clay, along with the most wise and Josh Tracey, are able to obtain an audience with their life-saving goal, the tycoon Walter Davis, and this tells them, very directly, something like : “you are the nice guys, you I like you, but I do not like your philosophy”. The film as a whole can be said the same thing: the cast is well chosen, the characters have not nothing wrong, but something is terribly sad to see them through the hell of forced fun for the ultimate good and supreme, not one or more of them, or a random child who has stopped believing in Christmas, but a corporate subsidiary. The film moves not surprisingly quickly the speech on appearance, far more human, of jobs at risk job, but also moves a little problem: the sadness, then, it is the lack of imagination of the find (photocopies of genitals? the fellow who wants to be breastfed? the ideal girlfriend rented on line?), taking the classic package party movie of collegiate age and I transfer it twenty years later without changing a comma. As the party told within it, the film takes quite a bit ‘to heat up.
At some point make it, no doubt about it, because the poetic accumulation and the mass effect have most of human stupidity is reconfirmed matter of which is very wide right, healthy and inevitable laughter to tears ( if only because there is not we, at that time, to spaccarci his neck making Tarzan hung on the Christmas lights). Again, though, the film does not have the courage of total chaos, can not afford to intrude in the tragicomic, the writing is not nearly sophisticated enough to do it, so the duty heroes are saved, inside brackets pink comedy, stuck on roof, or yielding to good feelings in a hospital ward. It is the story that wants the last word, it’s still his year.
Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston, the fifth time together, in danger of departing appear already stiffened into roles without large margins of freedom and change, especially considering the previous Horrible Bosses … and live happily with him in the role of victim of her while Olivia Munn, again, suggests it could give the play, in terms of femininity is not obvious, if only arrived the right role.

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