“Poms” is about a cheerleading squad of the retirement community.
Martha sells her real estate. After the sale, she packs what’s left, cancels chemo appointments and runs a charming retirement community in sunny Georgia. His welcome sign says: “during your lifetime for the rest of your life,” people walk all over the golf cars, all residents must join at least one club of more than a hundred ranging from water aerobics to the Southern Belles.
She rejects offers from her new neighbor Sheryl and even calls the local guard (Bruce McGill) to complain about Sheryl’s poker party. But Sheryl finds Marta’s Butler’s old uniform and asks to borrow it for her J-Date profile picture. Martha explains that she made the team, but she never had to cheer up because she had to take care of her sick mother.
Rhea Perlman is funny as a woman who starts to flourish after her husband’s death and is obsessed with golf, and Pam Grier is warm and lovely as a character happy to have an excuse , with a husband who is very happy to see her in her exercise clothes.

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