State of Pride

A documentary that focuses on how the Pride was received by ordinary people on an anthropological and social journey in the United States of America. Through interviews Raymond Braun, known in the YouTube environment, moves into the road movie style, from one area to another in the United States, looking for answers on the subject and asks the people he meets to have their say on the Pride. The resulting picture is an evolution in the perception of the Pride that in the last 50 years is very evident and returns a varied and different America in certain aspects. Shooting intentionally lasts many months and covers long distances crossing not only geographical boundaries. The filmmakers Epstein and Friedman, already award-winning at the Oscars, return with this film a look that is inflexible to the meaning of pride 50 years after the historic Stonewall uprising on June 27, 1969 in a neighborhood in the Manhattan district of New York.

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