Suicide Squad

If tomorrow Superman decides to kidnap the President of the United States? Frightened by not knowing how to answer this question the highest US government officials accept the insane plan of an intelligence agent: metahumans constitute a team, that humans with powers to keep under their yoke and use for internal order and foreign. The chosen ones are necessarily criminals, dangerous but also manipulated, subjects who could promise something and you can blackmail without hesitation. The test event is the unexpected (but not unjustified) arrival of an ancient and relentless gods on Earth. With little training, no plan, vague promises for a win and a blasting cap in the body that convinces them not to desert, the team that commits suicide calls itself is so sent on the field.
Cartoony universe he lives in the largest of the good guys, the positive hero unsullied by definition, Superman, it seems that no one else can try to stay on your height and all the “good” must masquerade as bad. Not only Batman historically close to the dark side, walking on the ridge between positive and negative, leaving perceive as a threat, danger, monster, creature of the night, to strike fear and hide its clear intentions, but this team of heroes is formed by villains. It is only the police sensitivity of David Ayer to make them so criminals from French polar views regardless of the grid but as upright bearers of a code more consistent of the soldiers, loyal to anything but the law of the state.
Equipped with naive dreams and naive, healthy carriers of gold hearts, the heroes of this film even they try to be a little ‘bad like marketing strives to promise, are only grown in the wrong part of the city, are only girls in love the less suitable companies and dad who do everything for a daughter. Criminals forced to work for the government (that yes, the real criminal) put to work against an ancient deity in one hell of a night, the Suicide Squad members are therefore heeled shoes all the time by the only real villain the film know: the woman who put them together on behalf of the state, which holds the head and scary with no special power other than his eyes at half-mast for Viola Davis and a relentless writing.
Impossible to be promoted to full marks for a final flying too close to the ridiculous, to burn all their wings in the sun inconsistency and childishness boost, this first film that hints at a supergroup of DC Comics (which actually film after the film is parallel also creating the team of the good, the Justice League) is a detective with costumes and masks, a fun and upbeat meeting between the European noir tradition and the demands of American blockbusters: the music, the phrases for effect, humor , good sentimentality and all that is coarser and basic can have fun. And to a certain point really enjoys Suicide Squad, with irony, excellent action and capable of putting ideas on stage. The first part deliberately schematic, designed to measure the introduction of each character, card to card (the individual fragments are delicious), to the solos of Will Smith, who involved in an ensemble film with more prominent role immediately showed why the his check is higher than the rest of the cast, through the ironies of Margot Robbie, comic line and at the same time romantic than a blockbuster based on the few women in a man’s world.
It is she, with her Harley Quinn, the other pole of attraction of the story, what is opposed to the aforementioned and terrible Amanda Waller of Viola Davis. Candida and ruthless at the same time, Red Cross nurse and inglorious bastard, sexually insane and for that alone attractive but also tenderly in love without hope, Margot Robbie, arm in arm with her character seems to bend the usual hateful stereotypes of women is cavalcandoli denying that. full well that justice is one of the most interesting characters of the DC stable, the Joker steals the show here shoulder to his beloved, lackluster and inconsistent version of Jared Leto, always intense for no real reason as if he were in a bad Italian films, never able to exploit the new look from criminal dandy was created with a marked body in addition to the usual acid also by his will and his madness.

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