Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Ninja Turtles are heroes. Have saved the town, but no one knows, can not be in the spotlight, they have to hide and so they continue to live in the shadows. This is fine only part of them though. The temptation to be like the other makes its way when they discover the existence of a liquid that can turn humans into anthropomorphic animals like them and (manipulated by Donatello) done the opposite. In all this the Foot Clan is more alive than ever and, in command by the alien Krang, he is developing a new plan, even more risky and giant of the previous year, one that is up to the Ninja Turtles stop.
There is no longer a real fee for Tarterughe Ninja. It is certainly not that of the original comics (very hard and violent) or that of the TV animated series (much more carefree), nor finally that of independent films of the 90s (very bent towards an original celebration of a universe of waste, including landfill and sewers), so this new partially animated version of the film, in which more than half the characters are computer graphics, live not always profitable uncertainty.
Despite being introduced some historical characters in the series that were still missing (besides also Krang Bebop, Rocksteady and Casey Jones) this second film does not continue in the name of the first, because there was a fruitful exchange at the helm. Although indeed a childish plot and worthy of an episode of the animated series, Ninja Turtles – Out of the shadows is a dry and firm film, full of action which seeks as can communicate through it. Dave Green seems to conceive any time since the movements, starting from the races and struggles, from the fury of battle, or even by a swollen river in which to wallow with a tank. Benefits of a film that seems real but it is not where many scenes have characters and animated backgrounds.
Even more the best thing of this work is to know how to conceive a screenplay at the service of the action scenes. If you then add the fact that these scenes are shot with a clarity, a simplicity and enviable speed, then it is clear how the second episode of this reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has its best qualities in all that is out of the script, what the card can not be written.
The 4 simple characters of the 4 main characters (the leader, the antagonist of the head, the brain and instinct) instead of having an absurd centrality are mixed to become irrelevant, until every ambition that the film could have it zeroed in front of the instant enjoyment. This certainly does not make Ninja Turtles – Out of the shadows a great film but it gives him at least the advantage of a pleasant self-awareness, an honesty that makes viewing more enjoyable.

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