The Beach Bum

Matthew McConaughey is a semi-famous man for his published poetic works. He will sleep on a beach, on a pier or in the mansion of his wife Minnie (Isla Fisher). It is ultra-rich and lives on the coast. Moondog and Minnie love each other and sex is great when they’re together. They’re going to Heather’s wedding, the first major event in ” the Beach Bum .“
Over time, Moondog faces legitimate violence and a legal threat. Everything will work for Moondog. He always does.
His daughter is right-Moondog is a little crazy. He’s the friend we all have. To say he doesn’t have a social status would be an understatement and yet he has a big heart. McConaughey very deftly balances a character who would have become too abrasive and annoying. It helps them to be surrounded by actors who seem to get everything Corine does here.

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