The Equalizer 2

Robert McCall, formerly a secret agent, now lives in a working class neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, and earns his living as a driver. Her friend Susan is in charge of investigating an apparent murder-suicide in Brussels in conjunction with Dave York, once a colleague of McCall. The investigator, however, is drawn into a trap and at that point Robert goes into action.

As is well-known, the series of the eighties The jester of New York was at the base of the film of 2014 that had obtained an interesting result at the box office. From this the temptation in Fuqua and Washington was probably brought back to the topic.
Probably in years of trumpismo the image of the good citizen who would only want to be able to continue living immersed in a normal everyday life and who instead is ‘forced’ by events to exercise violence has its own socio-symbolic value. If then he has the sympathetic and participatory eye (see details) of Denzel Washington who is also African American, as well as the director, the game is done and the magnificent integration.
When we talk about ‘temptation’ we do it with good reason because in his forty years of acting activity Denzel Washington had never succumbed to the call of ‘number 2’ even if some endings of the films in which he had participated would have allowed him. He does it on this occasion by offering his professionalism to a role that actually moves away from those he had embodied in his career. Because it can be understandable to be a ‘executioner’ once but persevering is not the best.
Also because his is not a stone mask to Charles Bronson but has features of sweetness that allow him to immerse himself perfectly in the role of the altruist always ready to help those in difficulty. The result is an even more ambiguous morality that is substantiated in a two-speed film. In the prologue, Fuqua invites us not to fear: action will not fail. Then he offers us long pauses of routine that are suddenly turned on by decidedly violent scenes and then return to conversations in front of a mural. The risk of overwhelming more than an estimator of action or spy movies is there even if Denzel does his best to keep an eye on.

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