The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Falcon and The Winter Soldier is certainly, together with The Mandalorian, the most awaited series of the package of proposals of the new Disney + platform

Falcon and The Winter Soldier is also the first series dedicated to the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who had less space in the films. The series are also expected on Loki, WandaVision on the couple Vision and Wanda Maximoff, while later a show dedicated to She-Hulk and another for Ms. Marvel or the young Kamala Khan should arrive. There is also talk of a series dedicated to Moon Knight, which in this period had a great revival in the comics.
Falcon and The Winter Soldier brings back two of the secondary characters linked to Captain America. The first is his shoulder Falcon, Sam Wilson, who is entrusted with the stars and stripes shield and the role of new Captain America in the final bars of Avengers: Endgame. The Winter Soldier is instead the Captain’s oldest friend, from the days when he was only Steve Rogers. He is also a survivor of World War II, but for a long time programmed as a killer by the Russian secret services and then by the Hydra terrorists, he was freed from conditioning by Captain America during the Civil War film. In the series Helmut Zemo returns as an opponent, who had plotted against the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War to end up imprisoned. Another Captain also appears, namely John Walker, who in the comics became for a short time – on behalf of the US government – the new hero with stars and stripes, and then assumed the identity of the Super Patriot. At the heart of everything is a new Zemo plot and the right to wear the new Captain America cloak.
To make this series of six episodes with a sumptuous budget of 150 million dollars much awaited besides the fact that it is perfectly inserted in the continuity set by the Marvel films, the cast. In fact, we find the same actors as the cinematographic adventures. So as Falcon we have Anthony Mackie, while in Bucky Barnes’ The Winter Soldier there is Sebastian Stan. So Baron Zemo is always played by Daniel Brühl. We are back in the role of Agent Shield, Sharon Carter, actress Emily Camp. While she is a new entry in the Marvel world to impersonate John Walker, the talented Wyatt Russel. For the moment there is no second season.

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