The Great Race

From the famous tv series created in 1984, The Train Thomas arrives at the cinema with his eleventh feature film. Based on the series of books by the reverend W. V. Awdry that has enthralled children all over the world, “The Great Race” will be an opportunity for the friends of Sodor to prove once again that there is nothing more important than a friendship that is supportive and sincere to win the most difficult challenges.
In the company of the colorful Ashima, a new friend from India, Thomas will have to overcome the pitfalls and hilarity of the train bigger in order to convince the selettivissimo Sir Topham Hatt to be the height of participate in the Great Show which is held on the mainland. More brought to you for sorting that for the difficult test of speed, will be to rush to the aid of a great friend, a small train compete in a crazy race against time. Forget about the competition, the only goal for Thomas will be delivered to Gordon a very important safety valve, without which the young train likely to explode. When the antagonism of Gordon, and his brother, nicknamed the “Scottish wheel”, will take the upper hand on common sense, Thomas will try in all ways to come to the rescue of his friend, in a duel against the time played up to the last bolt.
Through a great test of courage, Thomas will be able to beat even the diabolical plans of the evil Diesel, decided to make his way with the deceit among the best international trains called together for the occasion: Axel from Belgium, Raul from Brazil, Etienne from France, Frieda from Germany, Yong Bao from China, Ivan from Russia, Carlos from Mexico, Shane from Australia, and Gina from Italy, will compete in a fun race in which there will skirmishes and unexpected to put to the test by the whole community on the island of Sodor.
The protagonist of the amazing adventures, this time Thomas will have to show all his courage and overcome incredible obstacles to participate in the Great Show of the locomotives. Accompanied by the narrating voice of Cristina D’avena, the new chapter of the saga is a thrilling story, made by the unmistakable CGI that characterizes the tv series, able to break the static geometries of locomotives anthropomorphic in the soft somatic characteristics of the faces of the characters. In a blaze of bright colours, including music, and crazy racing unleashed, even large trains of gleaming will be able to stop a small train of Sodor.

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