The Haunting of Sharon Tate

In the opening scene, Tate shares with an interviewer that she had a premonition about her death. She sees everything: strangers in her house, knives, rope, pleading for her life. Her monologue is interspersed with real news footage of the real Sharon Tate on her wedding day and, worse, real footage of an interview with one of the killers, Susan Atkins, real footage of the crime scene.
The film then jumps the year before until the early days of August 1969. Tate lives in her home in the hills, waiting for her husband to return from Europe. Friends Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski stayed with her, keeping her company, and Tate’s old boyfriend Jay Sebring also visits her. Tate is nervous and nervous. He feels something’s wrong. There is a man called “Charlie”, who leaves a package filled with music bands. Tate wonders if Abigail and Wojciech are plotting against her somehow. They were killed, after all.
What is even more painful is that, as Tate continues to dream of her death, we see the murders countless times, with a detail engraved with graphic knives. Tate’s Insomnia and sense of preconception cause him to lose his connection to reality. She heads to the road just in time to save Steven Parent from being killed, and the two seek help .

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