The Hustle

A few artists and not only, connect each other. They realize they can drive people even more money if they join the team, but they realize they can’t trust each other . Organize a contest to see who can convince an American billionaire (Alex Sharp) to offer $ 500,000. Whoever wins ends up staying in the fictional French town of Beaumont-sur-Mer to beat tourists and players from millions.
There, Josephine, Surrounding the Hathaway’s reign of exclusive and live rich for years, with the help of the police inspector (Ingrid Oliver), who, to protect her — for a price. Then Penny Rust gets into action. Penny’s schemes were much lower with lower stakes, but when she sees the extraordinary wealth she insists on staying and learning from the master.
We fall into the middle of a deception, as the ladies approach the most recent target, with any ridiculous outfit, which they prepared outside the screen. If the scam works, it’s great.

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