The Incredibles 2

Someone who believes he knows Brad Bird, maybe because he loved Iron Giant or Ratatouille, or seen ten times the Incredibles – A “normal” family of superheroes, he does not really know (never) enough. His career begins at age 12, with the first short film signed by little Philip Bradley (while at 14, ours already takes animation lessons from one of Disney’s leading animators, Milt Kahl). John Lasseter (!), A friend of Tim Burton’s friend, and accomplice to his first experiments with cinema, Brad is also the creator of Krusty’s character, the clown in Simpsons, as well as a double son and father of two children started to do the dubbing themselves (in the Incredibile her is the voice of Edna Mode, but the first time goes back to Tim Burton’s first short).

Then there were raids in the so-called Adult Cinema, with Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Tomorrowland, but we still prefer to take on babies that fire home, float in the air and sit on the ceiling, like Jack-Jack Attack’s short film of the Incredibles is a spin-off in all respects. To really see the beauty, however, we look forward to the return of the family to the full.

Times have changed since 2005, and Bird and Pixar are not the types to ignore. Interrogated by the curiosity of the press and fans about the sequel of the Incredibles, expected in the American Halls on June 21, 2019, some time ago the director released a reflection saying that “the main difference lies in the fact that when the Incredibles came out only two more superheroes franchise, one was the one of the X-Men, the other one of Spider-Man, and now there are 400 billion, and a new superhero movie is released every two weeks. So let’s focus on the area where our film was, which was more focused on the characters, on relationships and things, and see where it is, but we’re having a lot of fun. ”

This affirmation confirms, among other things, the way in which the California manufacturing house works, as we learned to know it from the making of and the stories of the protagonists of the trade. Ever since, Pixar has given great importance to the “brainstorming” phase, investing too long periods of time in searching for ideas and continually revising them with the goal of achieving the ultimate concept and design.

Spy movie, but also a fine and well-comedy comedy, with a debt / tribute to the adventures of our Bruno Bozzetto’s Super Vip and Mini Vip, but also an explicit will to call the old and the new imagination related to superheroes ( especially the most problematic ones, such as the boys of Professor Xavier, with their adolescent mutations) and bring them back to the family movie stream: the Incredibles were all this and more; perhaps perhaps the most indie film of the Pixar, if so, can not be said to have escaped the most prestigious juries, so much that he won the Oscar as Best Film in his category. The long-standing confirmation that will be on the head of The Incredibles 2 will still be and always Brad Bird lets think that the next movie will move in a direction of absolute continuity with the previous one. Bird, among other things, is a team-mate who loves to call on his collaborators and we already know that Michael Giacchino has been called to join the project. Moreover, Giacchino, who now has more than 40 soundtracks and several Oscar-nominated nominations, has just started at Parr, or Mr Incredibile, Elastigirl, and their Violetta, Flash and Jack-Jack children. It seems that the return of Lucius Best alias Siberius is also expected, but for now they are just rumors. All in all, it can still happen, especially the incredible.

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