The Inventor- Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

“Inventor” is the story of Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos. It is a study of disturbing and sad deception.
Theranos sounds like a creature of myth and, ultimately, that was the company. Holmes has built a compact and portable analysis machine named after Thomas Edison and able to quickly carry out 200 different types of tests using a pinprick type blood. He started his company when he was old enough to drink.
Unfortunately, Holmes ‘ car couldn’t do what she promised. She was not a scientist, and her experts had warned her that it was physically impossible to build the device she imagined. When a big deal with pharmacy chain Walgreens was about to collapse, its solution was testing people for blood by conventional means . As Gibney and various expert witnesses have described, the whole scenario would be done for a classic farce if it wasn’t for wealth and reputation at stake .
Morris made a promotional video for the company . The film never fails to break the porcelain surface of Holmes’s facade, despite the fear that sometimes intersects through her unconditional blue eyes. And at about two hours, it begins to repeat.

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