The Key

The Key installation already intrigues from the outside: as large as a room, it has hundreds of keys, of different shapes and sizes, some seemingly very old, hanging on the walls. A person invites us to enter an anteroom and, even before getting us to wear the VR headset, he asks us to always hold one of these keys in his hand and never forget it.

There is a secret to be revealed: what is the key, where does it come from, and what does it open? The Key is an interactive experience structured as if it were a journey, which the spectator or spectator must take personally.

To guide the viewer is Anna’s voice, played by Alia Shawkat, who tells of having trouble remembering her story, constantly dreams of a mysterious key, asks participants for help to unlock her enigmatic past.
The viewer will travel through various dreamlike and painful environments, some made with computer graphics animations, others using the photogrammetry technique that uses photographs of real environments. The spectator or the spectator will have to make difficult and delicate decisions, undergoing the experience of loss. Each passage within the virtual world reserves various twists, which bring us closer to explaining who Anna is, what her past is and the meaning of the cryptic key she dreams every night.
Without revealing the mysterious ending, which will completely change the sense of experience lived in the 15 minutes of this interactive journey, it is important to say that this work was co-financed by the ‘Oculus VR for Good’ program. This production call, created by Oculus, couples emerging directors with non-profit organizations. The aim, as stated in the initiative’s presentation pages, is to “harness the power of virtual reality to bring greater awareness of the challenges that people face globally, to transform education and social communication.”

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