The Magnificent Seven

The small town of Rose Creek has a problem: it is located in a valley that turns out to be a significant mining area. The tycoon Bartholomew Bogue decided to appropriate it without asking any kind of scruples, leaving the people three weeks to decide whether to accept a starvation compensation for land expropriated or be killed. Emma Cullen, who is seen by men to kill her husband Bogue, leaving Rose Creek with a specific purpose: to find someone who accepts, for consideration, to defend its citizens. Finds him in Sam Chisolm, a civil servant whose job is to track down and put in a position to do no harm dangerous wanted criminals. Once you accepted the proposal Chisolm gradually convince other men to join him. Bogue is however ready to scatenargli against a very impressive volume of fire.
Making a remake by definition involves a comparison with the original model. If the above is a classic which in turn was inspired by another work somersault it becomes even more complex. That’s what I wanted to experience Antoine Fuqua with reference to The Magnificent Seven John Sturges who in turn had been inspired by The Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa.
The evidence shows it can be said that the experiment was a success even if it reveals a weakness. It was clear that you could not ‘redo’ the movie, but that was updated plot. Here then is that the seven also different ethnicities (there is a apache, there is an Oriental, the former Confederate cohabit with whoever was on the other side and the preacher who scalpava Indians is then not too politically correct). Then there is the presence of female character who takes on an increasingly shoulder as the role that the story continues. If Denzel Washington takes on his shoulders the role that was Yul Brynner, without difficulty on the whole entire cast works with Fuqua to allow him to drive away the shadow of Quentin Tarantino. Because, although the final battle has a considerable length, never lingers on the effect bloody: in this film who often gets hit falls rolling like in western movies of yore.
The weak point is the soundtrack by James Horner and Simon Franglen that is used with emphatic mode too early fading that epic that Elmer Bernstein had succeeded in giving the original. About: lovers of leitmotif which had an Oscar nomination are not afraid. Fuqua, who saw the film at the age of twelve, did not forget to pay their respects.

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