The New Mutants

As born of a rib in the X-Men film series, The New Mutants will be a small step in a sort of shared sub-universe. In the already coherent and well-structured world of Marvel cinefumetti, in fact, the X-Men films are creating their own neighborhood, a sub-series of films that are divided between those of the main series, Deadpool and the upcoming X-Force and the New Mutants, all capable to dialogue with each other by sharing characters and subplots. In particular, I Nuovi Mutanti will be a stylistic chapter in itself, introduced by the participation of many well-known faces (Xavier by James MacAvoy and Fassbender’s Magneto will not be missed) but tuned to the tones of young adult films, stories of teenagers in fantastic contexts , with a bit of fear in the 80s style Stephen King.
At the helm of the rest there is Josh Boone, former director of the adolescent-tearful success of the Colpa delle stelle, which is a strong indication of how the study will treat what then in all respects is a story of boys. The New Mutants are in fact a group of young aspiring X-Men, students of the Xavier school who on paper have earned a regular series after the appearance of a graphic novel and now try to do the same in cinema.
From the many formations seen on paper the film will take different characters. In particular it is certain that you will see the witch Magik (played by Anya Taylor Joy), the werewolf Wolfsbane (played by Maise Williams), Dani Moonstar (played by Blu Hunt), the pyromaniac Sunspot (played by Henry Zaga), Cannonball (interpreted by Charlie Heaton), Warlock, Lockheed and Cecilia Reyes (played by Rosario Dawson). As for the story instead, Josh Boone has let slip the idea of ​​basing the film on a small spin-off comic book series that involves the villain Demon Bear, always written by the classic Chris Claremont and designed by Bill Sienkiewicz. Demon Bear is a giant bear with the power to catalyze negative emotions, so everything seems perfectly in tune with Stephen King’s style meets John Hughes who was announced.

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