The Perfect Date

It’s a perfect teen shoot, and it’s remarkable especially because it gives Centineo a lot of opportunities to do what’s best for their age, especially for girls.
Centineo plays Brooks Rattigan, a working-class, high-level kid who dreams of going to Yale so that he can change the world in a still determined way. To make enough money to pay for his Ivy League school, Brooks starts renting himself out as a non-sexual escort: in exchange for a reasonable fee. In a quick fitting, he becomes a salsa dancer, a major art history, a scoundrel.
But while Brooks is great at becoming what other people want him to be, he has no idea who he really is. That’s why the search for himself becomes the thematic column of the film, while he constantly hangs . He’s obsessed with attending Yale. He is infatuated with the popular rich girl Shelby (Camila Mendes), even though any fool can see that he wants to be with the cold mermaid little girl Celia .
It tends to rely on cliché to give the audience the essence of a story .
She tells us that Celia is cold because, in her first scene, she wears combat boots with a scary dress, which obviously has never been done before. And it tells us that Brooks is a disgusting disappointment worthy of our attention.
In fact, the most interesting thing about the perfect date might be how his false premise of dating works as a metaphor for Centineo’s career. Throughout the eight-month period in which he was famous, Centineo maintained his status by forming his public character in an archetype that the current cultural moment demands from the Internet friend: the hot, also beautiful guy .

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