The Poison Rose

We are in the 70s. Carson Philipps (Travolta) is a private detective intent on escaping from some Los Angeles henchmen, after ripping Violet, daughter of the local boss, from his father’s clutches and helping her escape. To escape from those who would like him dead, he accepts a case away from Los Angeles, coming across a shady round of illegal betting involving the world of football, the ambiguous Dr. Mitchell and Doc (Freeman), a powerful boss in the area. Things get complicated when the quarterback of the local team, idol of the city, dies in the field during a game and the main suspect becomes Becky, the young wife. Becky is also the daughter of Jayne (Jenssen), the woman that Carson has always loved and whom he had abandoned twenty years before. Carson soon discovers that Becky is also his daughter. Thus begins for him the most important investigation of his life, aimed at bringing down the charges on Becky. And it will have against all, from Doc, to Dr. Mitchell, the small local delinquents and the same police. Not to mention the Los Angeles henchmen who haven’t forgotten the sgarro right away. But despite this, Carson will do anything to protect Becky and Jayne herself.

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