The Twilight Zone

Following the success of “Black Mirror,” followed by “Twilight Zone,” led by Jordan Peele, who produces and takes on the role of Serling’s narrator.
Sanaa Lathan is a woman possessed by a magical video camera, which allows her to come to life in a time before the actions of the police are committed, in new ways, each time, despite the best attempts, against her son. Steven Yeun is a mysterious visitor to a small Alaskan police station on Christmas Eve; and a classic episode of” Twilight Zone ” starring William Shatner as an airline passenger, who is the only person able to see that the ship destroyed the plane, is coming for a reimagining. This time – in the unique episode of the first four on which Peele has a written credit – Adam Scott is the traveler who alone can see the danger that comes his way, and his vision comes through glimpses not of a monster, but of a true – crime podcast.
Scott learns that the crash of his plane comes through an environment that is in vogue, as it does in 2019

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