Turn Up Charlie

The premise allows Elbei – who has a long period of light as a DJ, often billed as DJ Big Driis-to play a man who can record and attend the party. He lets him do a light comedy, when he is known primarily for intense characters such as The Wire’s Stringer Bell and Luther on the BBC show of the same name. And it shows a softer side to the Sexiest Man, letting him dress earlier and often with a cute but troubled child, who really needs the attention that the parents of her celebrity are too busy to give.
The project’s aspirations frequently show some of its individual goals. It’s about showing, for example, that Elba works as well as in a family-friendly context but there is someone else in whom Sara and her manager, Astrid (Angela Griffin) – Charlie agrees. And all the characters curse frequently, including Gabby.
For the most part, however, there is very little substance or humour. The prospects of the show in terms of parents, marriage, fame and even the art of DJs, all feel familiar .

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