Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral

“A Madea Family Funeral” fuels very funny moments from the way black people attend services at home. Wearing a giant church hat that looks borrowed from the Wicked Witch , Madea leads the funeral as an orchestra at the Oscars. The funeral lasts 9 hours.
There are also jokes about how long it takes black people to plan their funerals. Madea is given just two days with numerous complaints from her family.
“A Madea Family Funeral” brings to the fore – and he suspects-the unspoken reason why we are told not to speak ill of the dead. Of the suspiciously large number of unknown women who have appeared, she asks:”if you had known the deceased, raise your hand.” After everyone raises their hands, he adds:”If you knew the deceased in the biblical sense, raise your hands.” The same amount of hands increases.

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