Up for love- Un homme à la hauteur

Diane, woman and handsome lawyer at the law firm that shares with ex-husband, accepts a blind date with Alexandre, architect and successful man with a difference: to be one meter high thirty-six centimeters. The two begin a couple’s relationship, but her embarrassment in front of the deficit he undermines their relationship.
Makeover in French Argentine Corazón de León (2013), that of Laurent Tirard, who adapted the script with Grégoire Vigneron, more than a love story for families is the semi-serious chronicle of the intimate relationship with the different and of a wall, one erected by social conditioning, difficult to break down. As in fairy tales, the heroine is a princess from the blond locks had to pass a test of love to get the hand of the frog prince. But in this updated version features and measures of the pretender at last will not change, and courted leave that to win is a great feeling of her lover.
Nailed in the comic timing (the hilarious gag chair made lifting the forty centimeters surrounding set), it is a balanced film despite a beginning and an end too hasty comforting and somewhat ambiguous verses. To accept a limit which is also the shame of that limit (just before other people), a genuine effort will seem insufficient, and the impression is that the main character is exaggerated nanosomia now now diminished when it is accessed only from the perspective of the sufferer. To live it, instead, is a miniature Superman, perfection bonsai which nothing can complain if not a lack that one is tempted to subscribe under otherwise exceptional qualities, thanks to the careless eye of those who run.
Needless to think about what might have been if the men had taken part spirit and finances in the media, but to mix the records is likely to be a comedy of misunderstandings we would like resolved, and that, besides the fun, leaving the viewer a little ‘d ‘bitter taste.

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