Zoolander 2

The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Do not Read Good and What They Want Learn To Make Even More Many Good Things collapsed on itself, two days before the opening. Its founder has lost his wife and the social services did not take them too long to take his son. Hansel suffered a scratch. Both super models have therefore “lost face” and retreated to the planet of extremes. Years later, fate brings them back together in the Eternal City for a big event that could eventually boost their careers and allow Derek to get his son. Too bad that our free involuntarily Mugatu from prison: more and more disguised and increasingly insane.
It is the kind typically inhabited by zany characters over the top, excessive and their way more and iconoclasts, the encounter with the world of fashion, showing by nature the same characteristics, could only result in a perfect match, and it is Zoolander It was the test. The second chapter could do no more than repeat the concept but interprets the task in an anxious and bulimic. On the one hand, converses with no verve on cambiamente occurring in the environment since 2001, the other is thrown headlong into crime story, filling the cinematic bomb of explosive powder, but appearing little equipped to withstand the impact of the explosion at the decisive moment.
The setting in Rome reported to the splendor of the greatest conspiracies by Dan Brown, it is an opportunity to Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux and members of inventing a biblical secret, based on a pun, that alone should hold together an adventure talks about pop star murdered, an elected overweight and a Masonic coterie that counts among its adherents Valentino, Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, Mark Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger: all true and democratically hooded.
Of course, rambling can be synonymous with fun, it is almost a necessary condition, but here too the ends to hide the good: we laugh less than the inaugural film and seems to be poking around a string of parodies, from Spaceballs Johnny Inglese, compressed into rhythms too sustained for our hero, the idiot Derek. Penelope Cruz in the role of a former model of swimwear riciclatasi as hot cop, goes against the tide, slowing the pace of the film at each appearance, but it is not exactly an advantage.
The sequel does not find its own “expression”, as equal to all others, and, towards the end, replies without hesitation the original gags. Stiller asked so well that you could not give him “another chance”, but hardly this chapter will replicate the cult phenomenon.

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